Animal transport to veterinary appointments
vaccinations, check-ups, neutering these are classed as non-emergency’s as they are not life threating to the animal, these appointments are normally booked in advanced. We are only able take one owner with us at the time or if the owner is unable to come due to health reasons or comments we are able to act as their agent and sign any paper work relating to their pet on their behalf and discuss details of the owners concerns to the vet and if a follow up appointment will need to be made. All transport includes collection and return service.

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6pm

Emergency animal ambulance
This service is available day or night for when an animal has become sick or injured. no appointment is required for this as it is treated as an emergency and we aim for our trained pet paramedics to be at the required destination within 30 minutes of the call depending on the location. Our ambulances are fully equipped with pet first aid kits, stretchers and oxygen so we are able to provide the right possible care for your pet from the time we arrive and whilst on route to the veterinary practice. This service also includes a return service.

24 hour 7 days a week

Referrals to specialist veterinary hospitals
These referrals normally are suggested from your own vet when they may feel that further investigation is required for the animal, the owner may accompany us to the referral hospital or we can transport and collect the animal on the owner’s behalf, transport fee depending on the pet insurance company may be claimed back.

Animal transportation
We are available to transport your pet’s anywhere in the uk, it maybe that you are moving home, need a pet collecting or taking to a rescue centre or that you are going on holiday and require your pet/s to be transported to a kennels or cattery, Cat baskets and crates can be supplied, advance booking is required.

Pet nail clipping
This service is carried out in your own home without the hassle of going to the vets and can be a lot less stressful for the animal. This service is for all animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and reptiles.

Home checks
We have fully qualified home checkers available to help other animal organisations that are able to assess the suitability, needs and requirements on behalf of animal rescue centers during the apportion process of a new pet.

Micro chipping
This affordable, simple, safe and one off procedure is carried out in your own home. The process takes only a few seconds and your pet will not react any more differently then he would to being vaccinated. The microchip its self is about the size of a grain of rice and comes in a preloaded sterile applicator which is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. Each microchip has its own unique ID number so if your cat or dog is lost and is taken to a vets or animal shelter, your pet will be scanned, if a microchip is then located the pet recovery service will be contacted with the number so the owner can be contacted and the owner and the pet can be reunited once again. Soon becoming law for all dogs to be micro chipped.

Pet medication
Some owners have found it difficult to administer their pet’s medication which can be extremely frustrating when you know that your pet needs it for their recovery, we are now able to carry out this service in your own home.

Health checks
Some owners may seek assistance or a advice on their pet, this maybe anything from advice on getting a new puppy or kitten, behaviour, dietary needs, just general day to day care of a pet or a minor wound that you might think doesn’t need treating, we can come along and have a chat about any concerns that the pet owner may have.

Dangerous pet removal and assistance
We have two fully trained canine handlers that are trained in the removal of dangerous dogs and the procedure of the dangerous dogs act 1991

Deceased pet removal
Unfortunately in some unforeseen circumstances the animal may have died at home during the night or before we have arrived  at an emergency. We then are able to assist with the removal of the animal’s body and transport it to the vets or a pet crematorium.

If the pet has died at the vets, the owner may wish to take the body home with them for a garden burial, this is also included in our transport fee and total compassion and sympathy will be used at all times by the K9 officers.

Pet first aid courses
As a pet first aid tutor we can now provide in house training for pet first aid and pet CPR, CPD certified and last for 3 years It is ideal for Pet owners or Pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and Cats and how to deal with an emergency before or on route to the vets.

Cat Neutering & Feral Cat Trapping
We are now working alongside the CPL (Cats Protection League) in the North of Essex. We can offer help with cat neutering for any owned and feral cats regardless of the sex. For people on benefits, students or pensioners. A contribution is required which is set by the CPL on the owners financial circumstances.

If you have a feral cat colony we are able to provide cat traps and neutering to help you keep the population of feral cats increasing.

Wildlife Rescue