Animal Ambulance

The Ambulance Ambulance Service offer a urgent and non urgent transport service. We are able to transport the owner or person responsible for the animal to the vets they require or to emergency out of hours vets “Vets Now” in Colchester, Witham or Woodbridge. We are also able to provide emergency first aid at scene if required. Some dogs may be collapsed, fitting, unconscious or injured and we are able to deal with any situation getting the animal to the vets as quickly and safely as possible. In some case the person responsible may not be able to accompany their pet due to health reasons or family commitments – in this case we act as your agent, we would stay with your pet at the vets, relay information passed onto us, liaise with the your vet and sign the paper work on their behalf.The vet would then contact the owner to discuss any medical treatment.

We also provide transport to veterinary referral hospitals such as Dick Whites at Cambridge, Davies veterinary specialists in Hertfordshire, The Queens Veterinary Hospital. Queen Mother hospital in St Albans, Southfields in Essex,  Christchurch in Ipswich. These are usually specialist cases where your normal vet will suggest the pet needs further investigation.

Normal vet appointments are from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm the same procedures applies as above where we can act as the agent if required to do so, advanced booking is required but not essential. All transport includes a return service and an area charge depending on location.


Vet practices across the UK have been able to stay open during the pandemic, but the services they are able to offer will vary depending on local restrictions. We as an animal ambulance have working through this pandemic with restrictions also in place to keep pet owners and ourselves safe.

In line with governments’ strong ‘stay at home’ message, veterinary practices are remaining open to focus on providing services which are essential for animal health and welfare or public health, including to relieve pain and suffering.

Wherever you are based, please always call your veterinary practice first to arrange the best approach to meet your pet’s needs at this time. As with all aspects of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, you should follow social distancing measures when interacting with your veterinary surgery. This may mean you need to wait in the car and allow your vet to assess your pet alone. Your veterinary surgery will be able to offer you advice on the social distancing measures they have put in place, similar procedures will apply when calling for a pet ambulance, unfortunately due to the space in the vehicle, the equipment and social distancing, pet owners would not be permitted to travel in the ambulance to the vets with their pet, we would act on the behalf of the pet owners, make an assessment of the sick or injured animal, take any details the pet owner feels is relevant and pass on those details to the vet on arrival. Few vet practices are not allowing anyone into their surgeries at this current time, so once your pet has been assessed they would contact the pet owner via phone with their diagnoses and treatment plan.

As a high majority of pet owners have been self isolating and have not left their home in many months, with this protocol in place it has allowed us to help many pets, get them the help, treatment and medication that they have needed, to prevent prolonged suffering.

We kindly ask when booking K9 Animal Ambulance, on arrival that you wear a mask (unless exempt for medical reasons) and that you please keep social distancing in mind whilst we are present. although we have been vaccinated we will be wearing PPE at all times, to keep you, your family and ourselves safe as possible.

Stay Safe and keep well.

The Ambulances
We currently have two ambulances that are fully equipped to be able to deal with emergency’s whist on route to the vets.

Equipment consists of:

  • Up to date human first aid kit
  • Up to date pet first aid kit
  • Pet oxygen delivery kits
  • Pet stretcher (for dogs that are collapsed or may have a spinal injury)
  • Dog ramp
  • Dog stairs
  • Dog cage
  • Cat baskets
  • Blankets, leads, bowls and fresh water
  • Different size muzzles
  • All ambulances are fitted with a cooling system and fire extinguishes